Martina is a yoga and contact teacher, contemporary dancer and tango lover. She also teaches languages, translates and enjoys working with people, likes travelling, meeting new people and cultures.
As a child she did gymnastics, acted in theatre , and in dance she started practicing Cunningham technique with Kilina Cremona and ballet, later followed by contemporary techniques like release, contact improvisation, improvisation, dynamic meditation, Feldenkrais (she’s been using these techniques ever since). She has performed, acted, danced and collaborated with many international dancers, directors and choreographers. She's worked with Sabine Parzer and completed her Holistic Dance and Movement Pedagogy teacher training. She's also completed Daniel Werner & Joerg Hassmann's CI training programme and has been teaching at Osterimprofestival (Germany), Tempelhof CI Festival (Germany), Vienna CI festival (Austria), Warsaw Flow CI festival, New Year London Jam etc. Her work is based on contact improvisation, authentic movement, bodywork and contemporary dance as well as some shamanic practices which are all useful for dance and movement therapy, dynamic meditation and raising self-awareness. Her work and teaching is now enriched with the collaboration with her dance partner and long-standing friend Iva Hladnik.