(all levels, tools for contact improvisation)
In this workshop we are going to explore our own body and movement, search and explore the center, circle and spiral around the center, dance on our own first and see what possibilities there are to come up from the floor and sink down again, becoming friend with the floor first.

Then, we will gently dare to go beyond, travel through space, create waves in our bodies and have courageous heart and freedom to dance without having anything to lose except the limits we believe to have.

Spiralling will lead us into rolling and by getting into contact we will intertwine our spirals with other bodies' spirals, weaving a story about one organic being breathing and moving together and going back to our own places where we can see what works best for us, creating space and making up time to continue....

Finally, when our centers meet again we will become soulmates, twins, listening to each other, eyes closed, moving through space, changing levels, leading, following, listening, breathing—paying special attention to the moments when we separate and meet again, when we slow down or speed up, our dance never ending.

Just like in life, we meet and go away, we meet again and part again, the story as old as our soul continues, feeling good on our own as well as when we are together, our dance never ceases, the new waves are coming and we flow again....
or how to use dynamic yoga to travel into a dance sequence and contact
Breath and moving with it will bring our awareness to our centre. When we are able to control our breath, we can control our movements and when we let go of the control, we let ourselves flow with trust and safety. We'll search for grounding and play with weight, then learn how to push into support in order to rise up. Letting go can be a nice experience if we witness our movements in slow flow and with patience first. Our body and heart will start opening and we'll dive into timeless space where we can experience the freedom of movement and thus weave an anatomically logical sequence that will serve as a basis for more creative dance improvisation and contact improvisation. The rest is up to your own imagination and creativity...
Movement, food, awareness
How can we slow down in order to see what's important and meet ourselves? There are many ways but for me the easiest one is through movement. Our body moves, breathes and needs food to survive so it first has to slow down. Then, we can slow down our thoughts and stop them at least for a moment.

This workshop helps us to slow down in our everyday life and experience in an authentic and deep way some of our essential needs: moving and eating.

These two most natural actions have become automatic and we seem to take them for granted. That is why they are often unconscious and we need to make them conscious through our direct experience thus gaining a new and more profound quality of life. Just a moment of conscious moving and eating can transform one's life.

I would like to share this experience with you and see your happy faces :)

Task: a week or ten days before the workshop keep a diary every day on what and how much you eat and drink. This diary is personal and you don't have to show it to anyone. Don't eat anything before the workshop. We'll warm up with a yoga class (slow flow vinyasa), continue through authentic movement through space and we'll end with a special kind of feeding.

All my workshops and classes are based on this idea:

A journey of exploration to and beyond our limits,
sweet and easy way of making the unknown known,
riding the inner impulse, having a courageous heart to see what is.
Contact improvisation, authentic movement and yoga create space to stay connected and in touch with our inner source. In contact with this source we explore intimacy in mindfulness, honesty, self-responsibility and ease.
We learn to listen to our inner voice and to trust it as well as find out what we really want, what it means to be all there and live fully our potential ...
It's like a game but sometimes a serious and playful one, we can play and experiment, explore and discover:
  • Our movement and stillness, the state of our mind by observing it from the body and connecting movement and feeding (slow motion movement and eating)
  • Dance as a pure expression of our spirit
  • Imagination and images
  • Intuition
  • Dynamic Meditation as first and last freedom
  • Everything with sense of freedom and nourished by what we bring and what brings our common field
  • Nature, water and food